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Nutrition hacks and serious training is here to bust nutrition and exercise myths. As a health professional I have access to leading experts in the nutrition and exercise field. The aim of this podcast is to unleash this expertise into the world and give you tricks and tips on how to get your health back on track, and if your into sports get you performing better!
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Want to hear the latest nutrition and fitness news? Keep up to date with trends and fads, whilst experts across Australia bust myths about every thing health related. 

I am here to talk about all the controversial nutrition & fitness topics no one else wants to talk about! I keep it real, no BS I promise. Let’s get into it shall we? 


Mar 13, 2015
Virtual Training & Hot Diet News

In todays episode we have heaps to cover! Firstly we will address the Pete Evans babba yum yum scandal, I interview Jase from with his colleges from virtual training gym. Lia, Lu ann and Jase are doing fantastic things online in the virtual training space. Todays hot or not diet we are doing to look into the Okinawa plan and answer a listener question about detox diets. It’s a jam packed show, don't forget to rate it on iTunes! 

Here's the link to Babba Yum Yum News

Mar 5, 2015
Pre & Post natal exercise

In todays episode I start the show by answering a listener question. Do single foods make you fat? I then interview Ashleigh O’Donnel from Pilates X Australia she is an exercise physiologist with a passion for helping mums get back into shape.  Katrina Mills from gives us the low down on the hot Mediterranean diet and Jason from  is going to nut out the question, is there such thing as too much exercise? Remember to hit me up on Twitter @gmaston if you have a listener question. If you can rate the show on iTunes I would appreciate it too!


This episodes links

Link to article about too much exercise being bad for you  

Mediterranean diet links  and another here 

Feb 25, 2015
Pre & Post Natal Nutrition

In this episode I cover how bacon is not a super food. Dietitian Meg McClintock from comes on the show to discuss all you need to know about pre and postnatal nutrition.  Meg explains how our relationship with our body directly impacts our relationship with food. She encourages listeners to move away from being a certain weight (or body part - thigh gap / bikini bridge) focus to a health focus being the first step in building a healthy relationship with food.


From there we can learn get back in touch with and trust our body's hunger and fullness cues and learn to eat mindfully. Having good self image (and media literacy) can protect against doing unhealthy things to get skinny. If you love you body, you are more likely to care for it by having healthy behaviours around food and exercise. Meg also has a special offer for listeners if you want a 15% discount on a 12 week post natal Pilates exercises classes visit  and use the code “15” this is also the website where you can read some of her pre/post natal articles.


Katrina Mills from is back for my hot or not so hot diets segment to review the 2:5 fasting diet. We discuss who it’s suitable for and if you should try it.


This week is nutrition packed! Remember if you love the episode please rate it on iTunes or leave me a comment 


Feb 20, 2015
Healthy At Every Size

In this episode discuss bone broth and how it the claims around arthritis and leaky gut don’t stack up with the science. I interview Fiona Sutherland the dietitian from

Fiona talks about to put into practice mindful eating, she touches on the non dieting approach to nutrition, reconnecting with food and building a better relationship with what we put in our mouth.


Jase from makes an appearance to play fact or crap where we bust some cardio myths. We discuss why sitting is really bad for your health, how you’re better off to do cardio and weights combined to lose weight successfully.  I also answer a listener question about meal replacement and protein shakes for weight loss. Want more info visit? My website and don’t forget to rate the show on iTunes.

Feb 13, 2015
Saturated Fat & Insulin Resistance

In this episode I speak with Dr Jessica Huges Neurosciences lecturer and researcher from the school of medical sciences at Wollongong University. Jess explains how saturated fat may cause insulin resistance. Saturated fat increases ceramide production, which in turn affects our cells. She also explains that exercise decreases ceramide production and may counteract the intake of Saturated fat.   

I also give you some ideas on how to make your Valentines day a healthy one. I meet with Jase again from to play fact or crap and try to catch him out with fitness related myths and facts. If you like the show, don’t forget to connect with us and leave me a comment!


Feb 5, 2015
Metabolic Fitness Testing

In this episode we explore ways to test metabolism and body fat levels. I also cover an important question- Do you need to worry about BMI?


 I interview Mike TurnerSports Medicine & DEXA Applications Specialist  from Mike showed me around how to use testing equipment to determine if some one is a fat burer or carb burner. He also explains how his DEXA  machine will revolutionise the day we measure body fat and bone desity in people. My trusty side kick Jason Jerrad from we discuss the in’s and out’s on a recent article published about weight training and reducing belly fat


Don’t forget to check out our sponsors website where you can get all your nutrition and exercise issues sorted.  Don’t forget to rate the show on Itunes!

Jan 29, 2015
Managing Type 1 Diabetes

In today episode I interview Sally Marchini    Who is an active member of the Australian Diabetes Council and Coeliac Australia. She shares her personal experience Coeliac and type 1diabetic mixed in with her professional recommendations on how to mange type 1 diabetes.  


Type 1 diabetes is a genetic condition that can only be treated with the use of insulin and taking care of carbohydrate intake. Sally helps to bust myths about low carb diets and warns that low carb diets can lead Type 1 diabetics into ketoacidosis resulting in death.


She also explains that exercise is good for overall health for everyone including Type 1 diabetics. The key though, is understanding your medications and your body to avoid blood sugar roller coasters.


Sally gives some awesome advice on how to get help for diabetic fatigue and provides some really useful links to websites where you can get help.  Which include:


I also mentioned an exercise physiologist who’s into adventure sport. Allan Bolton's website as a type 1 exercise physiologist .  I also do question and answer time with Katrina Mills from


Want more detailed information? Listen to the podcast and don’t forget to hit me up on twitter or facebook.


Jan 22, 2015
2015 Fitness Predictions

Today I may side kicks here to help me sift through nutrition and fitness trends for this year. I love making predictions don’t you?

Find out what’s hot or not in 2015 and what you need to look out for if you want to avoid pointless fads. Don’t forget to connect with us!

 www.gabriellemaston  - Gabrielle  - Jason  - Katrina

Jan 21, 2015
The Worlds Fittest Man

Today I am interviewing Joe Decker Guiness world record holder for the “Worlds fittest man”. Joe is a personal trainer who runs his own business called “gut check fitness” visit his website  He shares with us some of this training secrete and how he competing in a grueling running event through Death Valley.

I also have my sidekick Dietitian Katrina Mills from discussing “A hot or not so hot” diets, today we discuss flexitarian diets. Make sure you rate the show on iTunes!

Jan 18, 2015
Coeliac disease & gluten free diets

In todays episode I interview Dietitian Sally Marchini 

She is an active member of the Australian Diabetes Council and Coeliac Australia. She shares her personal experience Coeliac and type 1diabetic mixed in with her professional recommendations on how to mange Coeliac disease.

Coeliac disease is an autoimmune genetic condition that can only be treated with the exclusion of gluten from the diet. Sally explains the difference between this and irritable bowel syndrome cause by fermentable sugars (FODMAP).

Having a healthy diet is easy to do gluten free if you understand where gluten comes from.  Sally has shared with us the link to her blog post Following the Australian Dietary Guidelines Gluten Free and also explains how to make healthier choices amongst the gluten free grains so you can keep your diet low GI.

 Sally was kind enough to send through links to some of the useful websites she shared during the talk which include: Be Well Gluten Free closed Facebook group and The Sista Code article and The Yum Gluten Free e-magazine and the Coeliac Australia website.

 Want more detailed information? Listen to the podcast.

Jan 8, 2015
Animal Flow

They say a new breed of athlete is quickly emerging. One that is no longer satisfied with bench pressing and squatting in the gym. No they prefer to focus on how well they can defy gravity. Carving a perfectly symmetrical physique from lifting their own body weight.

Today I interview Mike Fitch, Founder and President of Global Bodyweight Training. Which is the place where progressive Bodyweight System and the Animal Flow Workout has emerged.  He has been a fitness professional for 13 years. 

He is also a master Trainer for Equinox’s Equinox Fitness Training Institute (EFTI)), teaching anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics.  He will be here in Sydney Australia on Feb 7th to run workshops for personal trainers who are interested in becoming an animal flow instructor.

I reacon this is the next biggested thing in the fitness industry! Make sure you check out his website, or drop me a comment if you liked the interview. 

Got any questions hit me up on twitter @gmaston

Jan 3, 2015
Smart People Don't diet

Thinking about starting a new diet as a New Years resolution? Think again, after years of research Dr Charlotte N. Markey, Ph.D. is a professor of psychology at Rutgers University at Camden has found that diets are a fruitless exercise.

In her book Smart people don’t diet, she explains the psychology behind dieting and why they inherently fail.  You will not only be convinced that you never have to diet again but get some really handy hints on how to start improving your health and getting your weight in check in a more sustainable manner.

Lose weight and never diet again! I say thats a win win!


Her new book launches on the 5th Jan 2015 in Australia and the neat thing is that a large portion of the proceeds from sale of  her new book Smart People Don’t Diet will be donated to The Food Trust (  It will aid to fund programs that facilitate education about healthy eating for children.

If you liked this podcast don’t forget to head over to Itunes to rate it, and talk to me over on Facebook or Twitter @gmaston.

Dec 24, 2014
New Years & Myth Busting

In todays episode we are going to be myth busting some serious nutrition urban legends with Professor Tim Crowe from and discussing a news worthy fitness article with my friend Jase from . Last but not least I’m going to cover how to tackle those pesky New Years resolutions.  Lots of nutrition and exercise gold in this episode. Don’t forget to find me on Facebook Gabrielle Maston or Twitter @gmaston 

Have an awesome Christmas and end of Year party! 

See you next year!


Dec 20, 2014
Fitness Training Gadgets

In todays podcast we are going to be having some fun and product testing some serious training gadgets! I am really excited because my buddy from Triathlon squad Greg Baxter ika the gadget guy is going to be giving you the low down on the best fitness toys for your training. We are also going to do a POP QUIZ with Jase (Fact or Crap) about tea. Now If you want to join in on the conversation, give me feedback, ask me a question or just say hello, hit me up on FB or on twitter @gmaston.

Dec 14, 2014
Don't Stop Living!

In this episode I interview Mr Hector Picard he is a double amputee triathlete who knows no barriers.

Hector is an internationally-known motivational speaker and triathlete who lost both arms in an electrical accident 22 years ago.  He is a husband, father of 4, and grandfather.  Finisher of 100+ triathlons since 2009 that includes 4 Ironman distances.

Instead of giving up or feeling sorry for himself he decided to Don't Stop Living.  As the founder of a website setup to inspire others to live life to the fullest, Hector shows us all that life is a gift meant to be enjoyed.  His unique way of "juggling" family, dating and marriage, and a successful career will inspire all that get to know of him.  

 If you need inspiration this summer you have to listen to Hector speak. Against all odds he manages to do things most people can’t. 

Dec 14, 2014

On this podcast I interview Mr Joe Cross director and star of sequel documentary film FAT SICK AND NEARLY DEAD 2. If you want to check his website out at the same time have a look at

You may have noticed a lot of juice bars popping up in café’s all over the country. Well they say the trend of carrying around a green juices was all started by this one man.

 Mr Joe is the guy that started the juicing trend. In his first film he had over 2 million viewers now his back with a second movie "Fat Sick & Nearly Dead 2" (you can search for it on Itunes). Joe travels around the world demonstrating the powers of juicing, helps people to regain their health back.

Joe lost 45kg of the course of a year whilst filming his initial documentary show, he had a range of health conditions including an autoimmune condition which he was able to escape by fixing up his diet. The first film he produced came out approximately 5 years ago

Now he's back to spread the word about how juicing, ultimately eating more fruit and veggies can change improve your health and change yourself. That’s an epic story one a think a large majority of people can resonate with. Over weight fed up, medicated up to the wazoo.

In my eyes any trend that helps people eat more fruit and veggies is a positive one. Joe even shares with us his favourite juicing recipe. Remember to connect with me if you want to chat @gmaston on twitter or if you want more sexy nutrition and exercise info visit my website 

Dec 7, 2014

Today we interview Wendy Bently who is a mind set coach and published author. Her book "Stepping into your remarkable" is designed to teach you all the necessary steps it takes to changing your life and achieving great things. You will learn why thoughts are so powerful; it may even help you achieve up and coming New Years resolutions. If you so have a health a fitness goal for the New Year don't forget to look up my website, because we can get that sorted. 

If you want to know more about Wendy visit her website 




Talk soon xx

Dec 7, 2014
Bullet proof coffee & Fasting basics

This is my very first podcast so let me give you the low down about what I do and I started podcasting. You will walk away from this episode with a good understanding on why the Bulletproof coffee trend is not such a good idea and why has fasting diets got people talking. 

If you're looking for a funny Youtube clip to watch you have to watch this one about bulletproofing your nutrition and bio hacking your life.   Guaranteed laughs!

I do love feedback so find me on social media @gmaston on twitter or on my blog

Talk soon xx


This is my very first podcast so let me give you the low down about what I do and I started podcasting. You will walk away from this episode with a good understanding on why the Bulletproof coffee trend is not such a good idea and why has fasting diets got people talking.

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