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Nutrition hacks and serious training is here to bust nutrition and exercise myths. As a health professional I have access to leading experts in the nutrition and exercise field. The aim of this podcast is to unleash this expertise into the world and give you tricks and tips on how to get your health back on track, and if your into sports get you performing better!
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Want to hear the latest nutrition and fitness news? Keep up to date with trends and fads, whilst experts across Australia bust myths about every thing health related. 

I am here to talk about all the controversial nutrition & fitness topics no one else wants to talk about! I keep it real, no BS I promise. Let’s get into it shall we? 


Aug 2, 2016

In this episode, we cover how we should all focus on fitness rather than fatness. All too often fatness is frowned upon and blamed for a lot of health conditions. But really what the research is showing is that fitness is a far better predictor of ill health than fatness. Yes, you can be fit and fat, and you can certainly be thin, unfit and equally unhealthy.

We will give you practical exercise hacks on how to fix this problem. Don’t forget to head over to iTunes and rate with show when you get a chance or leave a comment below.

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May 1, 2016

In this episode, we cover everything there is to know about stretching. Do you need to stretch before or after a workout… or even at all?

 We answer all the tough flexibility questions in this podcast such as;

  • Is it better to stretch before or after a workout
  • Can stretching reduce DOMS
  • Can stretching decrease injury risk

And much more! Tune in and don’t forget to head over to iTunes and rate with show or leave a comment in the show notes.

Apr 3, 2016

In this episode, Wes and I discuss rep tempo training for muscle gains, because sometimes you just get bored with lifting weights. To keep things fresh we have added varied tempos to our daily workout.


Some say tempo training is everything; others say it’s a load of bollocks! So I decided to look into the science and see what we come up with. If you liked the show don’t forget to head over to iTunes and rate with show when you get a chance or leave a comment below.


Sep 18, 2015

In this episode, we explore how to circuit train at the gym and at home. We cover why circuit training can help you lose weight, build muscle and add variation to your workouts. Learn what type of sports would benefit from circuit training workouts and how to build and effective circuit workout.

Sep 10, 2015

This podcast is about, 5 Training Tips for Building Bigger Muscles. Learn the principles of weight training and how to train smarter not harder. The 5 principles we cover are:

1. Get used to lifting more weight

2. Use over load techniques (super sets, pyramid sets, drop sets) to stimulate the body for growth.

3. Learn about periodisation

4. Understand when you should train more frequently

5.Learn how to play with rest and recovery

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Sep 4, 2015

In this episode, I interview exercise physiologist Max Martin. He has developed an app called Movement Screen that is paving the way trainers and coaches conduct fitness assessments. As the saying goes, if you can’t measure it how do you know its working? Find out how initial fitness screening can help you over come injuries and progress you to the next level in your training. You can download the app on iTunes here.

Jun 26, 2015

In this episode, I cover the benefits of a technique called myofasical release. Which is a form of rehab trigger point therapy for triathletes with sore bodies from too much training. Katrina Mills is back to do her Hot or Not diet segment. Today, she explores The Greengrocer’s diet. Hannah Brown our student dietitian, starts a new segment called Quirky Food Facts were she covers the benefits of carrots. If you liked todays show share it with your friends and don’t forget to rate the show on iTunes!

May 22, 2015
Activating Pelvic Floor

In this episode, we discuss nutrient timing for general health and sports performance; is nutrient timing important and should you be doing it? Flex Physio strength and conditioning coach Jessica Maguire, is back to give us some handy hints on the exercising the pelvic floor. Exercise physiologist Jason Jarred, debunks MAT (muscle activation therapy), in his In The News segment. And we have a new guest on the show Dr Bill Sukala from Body and Bone in Bondi Junction, who shares his personal experience working in health and the issues we all face. You know the drill, if you like the show leave a rating on iTunes!

Apr 23, 2015

Today I interview physiotherapist Jessica Maguire about chronic pain.  I provide some nutrition for winter sports.  Jase does his usual Fact or Crap segment about exercise and injury and Hannah the student dietitian puts me under the pump with her snap questions. We breeze over some weight loss myths, coconut oil and juice detoxes.

Mar 26, 2015
Bone Density & Body Composition Testing

In this episode we explore the dietary guidelines from around the world. I interview Mike TurnerSports Medicine & DEXA Applications Specialist about Dexa scans and how they can be used to measure bone density and body composition.


Exercise physiologist Jason Jerrad also joins me on the show to discuss smart phones and how they can be affecting your sleep? I answer a listener question about protein whey and much more!



Dietary Guidelines from around the world


Smart phones and sleep

Mar 13, 2015
Virtual Training & Hot Diet News

In todays episode we have heaps to cover! Firstly we will address the Pete Evans babba yum yum scandal, I interview Jase from with his colleges from virtual training gym. Lia, Lu ann and Jase are doing fantastic things online in the virtual training space. Todays hot or not diet we are doing to look into the Okinawa plan and answer a listener question about detox diets. It’s a jam packed show, don't forget to rate it on iTunes! 

Here's the link to Babba Yum Yum News

Mar 5, 2015
Pre & Post natal exercise

In todays episode I start the show by answering a listener question. Do single foods make you fat? I then interview Ashleigh O’Donnel from Pilates X Australia she is an exercise physiologist with a passion for helping mums get back into shape.  Katrina Mills from gives us the low down on the hot Mediterranean diet and Jason from  is going to nut out the question, is there such thing as too much exercise? Remember to hit me up on Twitter @gmaston if you have a listener question. If you can rate the show on iTunes I would appreciate it too!


This episodes links

Link to article about too much exercise being bad for you  

Mediterranean diet links  and another here 

Feb 5, 2015
Metabolic Fitness Testing

In this episode we explore ways to test metabolism and body fat levels. I also cover an important question- Do you need to worry about BMI?


 I interview Mike TurnerSports Medicine & DEXA Applications Specialist  from Mike showed me around how to use testing equipment to determine if some one is a fat burer or carb burner. He also explains how his DEXA  machine will revolutionise the day we measure body fat and bone desity in people. My trusty side kick Jason Jerrad from we discuss the in’s and out’s on a recent article published about weight training and reducing belly fat


Don’t forget to check out our sponsors website where you can get all your nutrition and exercise issues sorted.  Don’t forget to rate the show on Itunes!

Dec 20, 2014
Fitness Training Gadgets

In todays podcast we are going to be having some fun and product testing some serious training gadgets! I am really excited because my buddy from Triathlon squad Greg Baxter ika the gadget guy is going to be giving you the low down on the best fitness toys for your training. We are also going to do a POP QUIZ with Jase (Fact or Crap) about tea. Now If you want to join in on the conversation, give me feedback, ask me a question or just say hello, hit me up on FB or on twitter @gmaston.